The Dynamics of Non-Formal Education - Volume l . Report on the Pre-Biennial Symposium and Exhibition Johannesburg, South Africa, 1-4 December 1999

This collection of papers presents the outcome of a symposium on the Dynamics of Non-formal Education (NFE) held in Johannesburg in December 1999. The documents presented covered the following subjects: (1) Policy and planning/management issues of NFE and the overall challenge of lifelong learning (contributions by R. Avenstrup, W. Hoppers, J.Moulton and R. Williams) (2) Examples of NFE programmes, with emphasis on context-specific learning needs and demands (by M. A. Sow, F. Niada, E. Rahman and M.Ibrahim) (3) Conceptual and practical issues of basic literacy and NFE programmes for adults (C. Hoppers, J.D. Thompson, CLUSA and K. Alam).

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