World Higher Education Conference

The World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2021) hosted in Barcelona aims at reshaping ideas and practices in higher education to ensure sustainable development for the planet and humanity. The 3rd World Higher Education Conference(WHEC2021) will bring together all relevant stakeholders to define and prepare their roadmap for a new era of higher education systems (norms, policies, structures, stakeholders) and institutions (universities, specialized entities, networks). This roadmap will be responsive to the challenges faced by humanity and the planet, as a result of diverse forms of crises, with special attention to the global disruption created by the COVID-19. The 2030 Agenda, by definition, will be the main framework to highlight higher education opportunities and priorities in the upcoming decade. Furthermore, higher education must anticipate and prepare for its role in societies that go beyond the next decade, under guidelines like those provided by The Futures of Education Initiative.

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Barcelona, Spain