Focus Areas

ADEA has created inter-country quality nodes on several thematic areas, one of them being ECD which is one of the priority areas of the African Union’s Plan of Action of the Second Decade of Education in Africa.

Since 1988, the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) has established 19 working groups (WGs) and inter-country quality nodes (ICQNs) in key thematic areas related to education and training in Africa.

In pursuit of its vision of promoting dialogue for education and leadership, ADEA has proposed various mechanisms for reflection, engagement and action. The inter-country quality nodes (ICQNs) are a part of this drive.

The Inter-Country Quality Node on Mathematics and Science Education (ICQN-MSE) formerly the Working Group on Mathematics and Science Education (WGMSE, 2004-2017) was created in May 2014 when the 40th ADEA Steering Committee Meeting held in Tunis approve

The Peace Education Programme was born out from the Post- Election Violence (PVE) in 2007/8 in Kenya that led to a disruption of learning due to displacement, fear, school closure and lack of teachers.

The African Union (AU) “Strategic Policy Framework” approved and adopted by Heads of State of the African Union at the 2013 Summit in Addis Ababa stresses that the promotion of critical skills needed for accelerated sustainable development in Africa can

Created in 2010, this Node was launched and remains under the leadership of the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training of Côte d'Ivoire.


African countries face many new challenges that also offer new opportunities.